Come As You Are

Studio S is an intense fitness program proven to be highly successful for anyone and everyone ready for a total mental and physical transformation.





"Guys, this isn't just for women. These workouts kicked my tail! Sara Moreland is a great orator and inspires me to push through the tough spots in the workout! Highly recommended!"
~ Matthew W

"Enjoy might not be the right word, as I'm regularly getting my tail kicked by this workout. I'd found myself in a steady state of running and weights, and wanted to add in some HIIT work, and Studio S has been a good option for me. Every workout is different, and I'm challenged to keep up and try heavier weights and faster moves. Like some others have mentioned, you may want to give yourself extra time for a cool down and stretching afterwards, the time is pretty much all workout."
~Kelsey A.

"Doesn't matter how long I do these workouts they always match my fitness level because I can upgrade/downgrade my weights, pace, and how many rest breaks I give myself. Although Sara may come off as drill sergeant, she repeatedly explains she expects you to take breaks. The "Suck it up" is meant as an inner voice to not cheat yourself and to get back at it. I love the variety of workouts, and that there are many of the same exercises too so that I can master an exercise with improved form. Less time is wasted trying to figure out what comes next this way. I am very uncoordinated so agility type stuff is hard, but these moves I can do, so I can work on my speed and form while keeping my heart rate up. She also has an app on ITunes (Android soon I believe) called Studio S with a bunch more exercises that change monthly and several other features."
~Elise C.

"Have been a member of studio s from the beginning. Sara has made such a difference in my life. She has encouraged me , pushed me to do better and applauded my accomplishments! Some days I surprise myself at how far I have come. I would recommend studio s live workout video to anyone who is serious about getting healthy."
~Sarah A

"I have used sever workout programs and videos over the past few years like Jillian Michels, T25 or various versions or p90x. This is definitely on the same level. I've learned some new exercises and I definitely feel challenged. Definitely would recommend. I can see the difference."

"I couldn't be happier with how these workouts are improving my life! The workouts are not only intense, but fun! You must try it!!"

"love Sara's, energy.....she is encouraging and tough, but not obnoxious. I have done several workout series (insanity, get extremely ripped, 30 min to fitness) but this series is awesome. You get an intense, dynamic workout in a reasonable amount of time. I would love to workout for an hour a day, or longer, but rarely have time for that. This is a great, I don't feel the need to workout for excessive amounts of time because I get the burn in the perfect amount of time!!!"